NFT cats found their home

100% of funds is donated via UNITED24


1. Why UNITED24 and the naval drone fleet?

The UNITED24 platform is an initiative of the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyi. UNITED 24 aims to become the main channel for collecting donations in support of Ukraine because the official platform can protect donors from any intermediaries and fraud. One of the primary missions of the fundraising platform is to contribute to the creation of a unique fleet of marine drones that can protect Ukrainian waters, cities, and civilian ships. More details can be found on the UNITED 24 website.

2. How can I track the total amount collected?

To track the total amount collected, the sum will be seen at the top of the page after the first transaction. Smart contracts will be used to manage the transactions, making it easier to follow money movement and verify the end recipient.

3. How do I purchase an NFT-cat?

In order to buy an NFT-cat, you will need to first link your Ethereum cryptocurrency wallet on the chosen Internet browser. You should then transfer the equivalent to the price of the cat to finalize the purchase. This process generally takes no longer than a few minutes, and upon completion of the purchase, the cat token will be visible in your wallet, meaning that you can now enjoy ownership of your new NFT-cat. Detailed instructions for purchasing NFT-cats will appear on this site soon.

4. Can I donate and purchase an NFT-cat using a bank card?

You can use Crossmint to buy an NFT cat using credit card. All you need to do is simply register using your email address & buy an NFT cat with a credit card! Once you purchase it you can view your NFT cat in your account on Crossmint.

5. What is the start date, and what will happen on February 22, 2023?

The start date is the day when anyone can purchase their NFT-cat. The official date of the sales start is February 22, 2023.

6. Can I choose a specific NFT-cat?

Purchasing an NFT-cat involves getting a random token, each cat being unique and possessing its own attributes and characteristics.

7. Where will the NFT-cat be stored after purchase, and what should I do with it?

After your purchase, your NFT-сat will be stored in the wallet you made the purchase with on the Ethereum network. As the proud new owner of an NFT сat, you have a few options: give it away, sell it, or keep it.

8. Can I gift or send an NFT-cat, and what is required for that?

Yes, sure. To gift or send an NFT-cat to another person, you just need to log into your crypto wallet, select the option to send your NFT-cat to another person, insert their wallet address (using the Ethereum network only) and send. Detailed instructions will be added to the site very soon.

9. What are royalties, what will the royalties be in the UACatsDivision, and where will the royalties go?

Royalty is a percentage of each token resale given to the NFT creator, in this case, the UACatsDivision. Each NFT-cat created by the UACatsDivision will receive 10% royalties. The royalties will be directed to charity through the UNITED 24 platform.

10. What’s NFT and how can I do it all?

NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens are registered digital assets on a blockchain network. The value of NFTs can rise with time, making them great collector's items. An owner can also gift them or send to another wallet.

Getting an NFT-cat is easy, fast, and secure. You don't need to provide your bank or card details. Just create a cryptocurrency wallet (MetaMask, for example), connect it on your browser or in a mobile app, and send the amount of Ether equal to the cost of the cat (including fees). Then your token will be visible in your wallet, making you its proud owner.

Still have some questions? We'll soon add detailed instructions on our website to make the process even more seamless.

11. Is NFT-cat an ERC-721 token?

NFT-cats from UACatsDivision are unique digital units stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

12. What cryptocurrency wallets can I use for NFT-cats?

You can use Metamask or any mobile or desktop wallet which supports WalletConnect.

13. Can I buy a cat if I have an account on the crypto exchange?

To purchase an NFT-cat, you still need to create a wallet, transfer ETH to it from the exchange, take into account the necessary amount to cover the price and commission and connect this wallet on the Internet browser or in the mobile app. Detailed instructions will be added to the site very soon.