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Terms of Use

Public Offer

This Public Offer Agreement (hereinafter - the "Offer" and "Agreement") defines the terms of access to the "UACatsDivision" project (hereinafter - the "Project"), located on the website (hereinafter - the "Website").


This clause governs the interpretation of the following terms and definitions used in this Offer.

"Website" - a web page located at the domain name:, including the totality of all information, texts, graphic elements, design elements, images, photos and video materials, and other results of intellectual activity placed on the web page, as well as information and technical means. The term "Website" includes references to other public or private web resources used to operate the web page;

"User" - any natural person who has access to the Website using the Internet;

"NFT" - (complete nonfungible token) - a unique digital asset in the form of a non-fungible token, which is the result of the process of transformation by "minting" of objects of intellectual property rights into a corresponding token;

All terms and definitions not defined in this section shall be interpreted in the meaning established by the current legislation of Ukraine and, in the absence of such a definition - in their general meaning.


The Valid Offer, along with the Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy and other information posted on the Website, determines the terms of Users' access to the Website and the terms of use of the Platform posted on the Website.

To obtain information on the procedure for obtaining, processing, and storing personal data, the User can familiarize themselves with the Privacy and Protection of Personal Data Policy posted on the Website.


The User's use of this Website means the User's automatic and complete acceptance of the terms of this Offer.

If the User disagrees with the terms of this Offer, the latter is obliged to stop using the Website and leave it immediately.

By accepting the terms of this Offer, the User confirms that they are at least 18 years old.


The Platform allows users to purchase NFTs produced as part of the "UACatsDivision" project by connecting the User to the Platform using a cryptocurrency wallet.

All transactions between the Platform and Users are carried out exclusively on the Ethereum blockchain network.

In the case of an NFT purchase, the User pays a transaction fee (gas) charged on the Ethereum blockchain network.

The User shall bear all costs associated with their purchase of NFTs, including all taxes arising and applicable to the User in connection with such purchase.

The User uses the Platform solely at their own risk. The Platform does not provide the User with any guarantees regarding the use and purchase of NFTs.

- By accepting the terms of this Offer, the User agrees to transfer 100% (one hundred percent) of the value of the NFT purchased by them to charity, minus transaction fees;


All objects of intellectual property rights (works) used to create NFT are fictional, and any coincidence with real people is coincidental. The platform does not pursue the purpose of offending the feelings of any groups of people or individuals.

The Platform owns the intellectual property rights or has the appropriate permission of third parties in the content of the Website, all other trademarks, names, products, and logos used on the Website. Such intellectual property rights may not be copied, imitated, or used, in whole or in part, without the respective owner's permission.

The Platform, as the owner of intellectual property rights to the NFTs posted on the Website, has, in particular, such rights as:

  • the right to use;
  • the exclusive right to permit use;
  • the exclusive right to prevent misuse, including prohibiting such use;
  • any other intellectual property rights under applicable law.


By purchasing the NFT in the manner provided for in this Offer, the User receives a single, exclusive, perpetual license to use the NFT without the right to license, commercially use, reproduce or distribute the NFT contained therein.

The User has the right to alienate NFTs belonging to them in the future on the same rights as provided by the terms of this Offer.


The Platform shall not be liable to the User or any third party for any complaints or damages that may arise as a result of any transactions related to the purchase of NFTs.

The platform is not responsible for any coincidence of the intellectual property rights used to create NFTs with real people.

The Platform and its partners are not liable to the User for any damages, such as loss of data, profit, income, reputational losses, or for any other damages that cannot be foreseen.

The User, accepting the terms of this Offer, is liable to the Platform and/or third parties for any complaints, claims, damage, losses (actual and indirect), legal costs, and other costs arising from them, for:

  • violation of the terms of this Offer;
  • abusing the functionality of the Website, carrying out software manipulations with the Website with or without unlawful violation of the integrity of the Website data;
  • violation of the current legislation of any country in the world and/or the rights of third parties established by such legislation;
  • defamation (spreading false information) about the Platform or third parties directly or indirectly related to it.


The Platform and the User resolve disagreements arising from the relationship covered by this Offer through negotiations.

In case of failure to reach an agreement through negotiations, the dispute shall be settled in court in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.


The platform has the right to make changes to the valid Offer without the consent and notification of the User.

The updated edition of the Offer enters into force from the moment of its posting on the Website unless otherwise provided by such edition of the Offer.

This Offer is posted on the Website at the Internet address:

All offers or questions regarding the current Offer should be communicated through the contacts posted on the Website.