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UACatsDivision official announcements

NFT with Kalush Orchestra has been signed by the band's frontman and will be sold at an auction

This exceptional NFT, numbered #3 with an image of the prototype of the frontman of "Kalush Orchestra", Oleg Psyuka, is the only one of 10,000 to feature a pink Panama hat – one of Oleg's unique attributes. Panama hat has become a symbol of "Kalush Orchestra" after winning Eurovision-2022.

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The name for the first naval drone from UACatsDivision has been chosen!

The UACatsDivision community has raised funds for the naval drone. The name "Sagaidachny" was selected through voting among the options proposed by NFT owners.

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Unique NFT from the UACatsDivision collection has been signed by the President of Ukraine and will be sold at an auction

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky personally signed a printed image of the unique NFT from the UACatsDivision - the first national NFT collection featuring cats of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We are proud to share this video with you.

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UACatsDivision's NFT collection has raised funds to buy a naval drone for the Ukrainian Armed Forces

More than 2500 NFT cats have already been sold and over $250,000 has been raised to replenish the fleet of naval drones!

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The first national collection of NFT-cats of the Armed Forces will help raise 40 million hryvnias for the naval drone fleet through UNITED24

UACatsDivision team with UNITED24 and the crypto-media resource Incrypted announced the creation of the first national NFT collection featuring the Ukrainian Armed Forces cat heroes.

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