NFT cats found their home

100% of funds is donated via UNITED24

NFT with Kalush Orchestra has been signed by the band's frontman and will be sold at an auction

Founder and frontman of the "Kalush Orchestra" and "KALUSH" bands, Oleg Psyuka, personally signed a printed image of a unique NFT from the UACatsDivision - the first national NFT collection featuring cats of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

We are proud to share with you the video:

This exceptional NFT, numbered #3 with an image of the prototype of the frontman of "Kalush Orchestra", Oleg Psyuka, is the only one of 10,000 to feature a pink Panama hat - one of Oleg's unique attributes. Panama hat has become a symbol of "Kalush Orchestra" after winning Eurovision-2022.

Link to the original NFT from the UACatsDivision collection on OpenSea:

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NFT and the printed version of it will be sold at an auction, and 100% of the funds will be donated to the Sumy Animal Protection Society. This is the final stage of raising funds for saving animals who suffered from war, so please join us!

The NFT owner will also receive a printed image of the unique NFT with the signature of the frontman of "Kalush Orchestra" and stylish hoodie from UACatsDivision.

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UACatsDivision is the first national NFT collection with images of heroic cats of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, created in cooperation with UNITED24 and Incrypted. Each of the 10,000 NFTs is not only an honorary donation, but also a unique digital art and collectible item.

Currently, funds have been raised for one naval drone out of four. In total, almost 3300 NFT cats have been sold, which is 33% of the collection, and almost 13 million UAH have been raised.

To support the project and purchase cat NFTs, visit the UACatsDivision website:

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